Detroit City Stadium Map Is Done!

Detroit is done and live in the products section. It really looks amazing.  Detroit has a lot of grassy garden areas downtown and all of that detail is on the StadiumMap. And Tigers stadium came out really well also.  The upper deck has and overhang and you can see under it.  Pretty cool.

Toledo is coming along slowly but surely.  Still doubtful for Christmas :(.  SO MANY SIDEWALKS!! LOL. Takes a long time to get all those details, but that's what makes these StadiumMaps so special and fun to look at.  

One last thing.  Due to popular demand, Purdue is next!  It is in the beginning stages and should be ready in 3-4 weeks.  The campus is pretty sweet and lends itself to the 12x12 size.  We also have an insider who graduated in 08 that is giving us advice.  Thanks Stuart!!

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