A New Begining

I REALLY want to make this a regular thing.  I get a ton of requests, so I think people are interested in what new locations we are working on and what is happening around here.  Maybe not.  Who knows? I will probably be talking to future Zach as he looks back and tries to figure out where it all went wrong. :)

Products: I am currently drawing Houston Dice Game and have gotten lots of requests for Kansas City, so I'll do that one next. They take forever. Probably a good 15-20 hours to draw. The dice games are much larger than the coaster or magnets so much more detail can be achieved.  The easy way out would be to just use the drawing we already have of them. But that's not our style. We always push to the highest level of detail possible. Which is annoying sometimes, but always worth it in the end. I have my Dad to thank for that standard.

Just finished the St. Louis coaster. Somehow that fell thru the cracks as we already had the magnet drawn.  Converting the magnet version to the coaster version is a pretty painless process. About 1-2 hours to compete. A brand new location is around 2-3 hours to draw and then laser out a draft to check for errors. I think I'm going to start responding to people that they can fast track a new location for $150 which would include 2 coasters. This should cover costs and prevents the VERY common situation where I get a request, draw it, and then no one orders it. 

Shop: We are fully settled into the new shop, and we have pretty much recovered from Father's Day. It was insane. Now to stock up for Christmas.  To that end, we are bringing on two more part timers to help in laser operation and shipping. This will free up my dad and I do draw more.  


Perhaps I update this blog once a week.  If anyone reads this and has questions, ask them in the comments and I'll add a Q&A section.

- Zach


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