Never thought this would happen!

Classic click bait title. Did it work?

Second week in a row! This is a new streak that will never be matched. Speaking of streak, my Wordle streak died.  So sad. Almost made it to 100.


Just listed the Houston Dice Game which I finished last week, and I was able to draw the Kansas City one.  Need to run a draft, fix my mistakes, and then run it for real.  The dice games have been super popular lately. My goal is to have all 30 available for Christmas, but I'm not sure if that is wise. We have enough wood for a couple hundred more and there is NO wood available for purchase. When the whole Russia thing went down, we ordered a bunch, but I don't think it will last thru the end of the year. 


I have two more part-timers starting soon.  This will allow us to stock up coasters for Christmas. It would be cool if I didn't have to turn the ads off this time. Last year we could not keep up with orders, so ads were off from Thanksgiving till after Christmas. Excited and scared to see what the potential is.


My 17 year anniversary was last week. We went to dinner, ate too much, and then finished watching Alone.  Great show. Netflix needs to release the rest of the seasons. Also, battling poison ivy but mine is minimal compared to my wife's. Her arms are literally covered, and it looks PAINFUL!

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