Summer 2021 Update - New Items

Ever have a task that you know you should do, but just put it off over and over and over?  And if you just would sit down and do it, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, wouldn't take that long, and afterword's, you will be so happy you did it.  

Update Time:

I have been working out of 1/2 of my garage for 4+ years and this spring I had a buddy of mine finish the other 1/2 and put in stairs to the attic.  Tons more storage, room to work, room to expand.  I also got two lasers in my shop to expand capacity over what my dad has in his basement.  

Lots of advertising has lead to lots of orders.  Mostly coasters.  Trying to keep up.

I also have two young men now working two nights a week for a few hours.  They have learned fast and are a huge help.

Latest items available are:

Texas A&M Coaster

Molineux Stadium Magnet (add stadium name to Order Notes when ordering)

Amalie Stadium Magnet (add stadium name to Order Notes when ordering)

Arizona Diamondbacks Dice Game.


It takes a long time to draw new stuff, so patience with us as we grind it out.


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