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Giant savings for those who preorder  33% off!

Customers now decide which map will be drawn next!  Pre Order and cast your vote today!

This map will be drawn and shipped once the campaign has achieved its goal of 15 preorders.  Lead time from a successful campaign to delivery is estimated at 30 days.  

The image above is roughly the area that will be included.  Might be a little more or a little less.

Cutting edge laser engraved wood art captures sports stadiums and their surrounding area.  Streets, sidewalks, and waterways are etched in exacting detail.  Highlighting the aerial image is the uniquely designed and handcrafted 3D stadium.  Displaying this individually signed piece of art on your wall is a sure fire way to spark a sports conversation or ignite a fond memory.  Show your spirit and score a win with StadiumMapArt!

12"x12" or 18"x18"