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MAJOR Update!

As you may or may not know, we have been drawing new State Shape maps like crazy, but, we did not have photos of them so they were not available for purchase.  Well, I'm speaking in the past tense... which is EXCITING!  Last night we spent about 2 hours and got many photos done and plan to get most, if not all of the rest today.  This means that there will be about 50 new maps available soon.  This has been a huge item on my list and it feels amazing to be so close to checking it off. :)...

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StadiumMapArt was bestowed the honor: "Maker of Merit" blue ribbon at the Detroit Maker Faire 2016!!

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Lots of people ask if their favorite team will be done soon.  I will do them all, eventually, but in the mean time, if you ask around and get lots of people to email me their request, it may jump up on the list.  That is exactly what happened with Purdue.

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Detroit is done!

Detroit is done and live in the products section.  It really looks amazing.  Detroit has a lot of grassy garden areas downtown and all of that detail is on the StadiumMap.  And Tigers stadium came out really well also.  The upper deck has and overhang and you can see under it.  Pretty cool. Toledo is coming along slowly but surely.  Still doubtful for Christmas :(.  SO MANY SIDEWALKS!! LOL. Takes a long time to get all those details, but that's what makes these StadiumMaps so special and fun to look at.   One last thing.  Due to popular demand, Purdue...

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Double Trouble :)

We decided to make Detroit AND Toledo next.  Yes, thats right... two at once!  It will be VERY tight to get them done by Christmas but we are working really hard.  Both cities lend themselves to the 8x12 format so that is what they will be.  Follow us on Instagram!  @stadiummapart

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